Feelings: The Circumplex Model Of Emotions

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1. Feelings are the sensations we get in any parts of our body. These sensations can be body sensations such as touch or cold whereas emotions are our reactions or outward behavior towards various things that happen to us. They are short-lived feelings that originate from recognized sources (Lombardo, n.d.). Suppose I work in a factory and got burnt by acid at work today, I would instantly feel pain but after a while become angry as a reaction to the pain from the acid burn. In this instance, the pain becomes a feeling with the angry being an emotion. 2. Emotions are referred to as our reactions to things that happen. There are two types of emotions: social emotions (feelings that arise from outside ones control) and self-conscious emotions (feeling that come from within) (Greenberg, 2013). Emotions can be classified using the circumplex model of affect. In the writing, I would describe the circumplex model of affect, by defining and giving examples of various emotions that lie within the various quadrants of the model. Finally, I would explain how I to effectively manage these emotions as a manager. First and foremost, a circumplex model according to Medical Dictionary (n.d.) is any model that has been applied to the understanding of psychological domains such as personality or emotions where variables are arranged in a two-dimensional space into a circular array along two orthogonal axes. The elements in the model that lie close together on the circumference of the

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