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Business Technology Early College High School Fertilizer Lab Experiment AP Living Environment Mr. Acquaotta/Mr. Lee Purpose The purpose that this lab was conducted was because we wanted to see if seeds germinated faster if fertilizer was applied. Introduction Fertilizer we use it when we garden, we see companies promote it in various ways, but have you ever wondered if it made a difference in growth of plants? Does it really make flowers bloom more rapidly or vegetables grow larger and more productive? The answers to these questions are all within the realm of science because they are testable by controlled experiments, observations and data gathering. Hypothesis If fertilizer is added to different types of seeds, then seed germination will become faster. Materials For this experiment we used the following items; a Ruler, Fish Fertilizer, Miracle Grow, Water, (3)150ml Plastic…show more content…
You can see after the 2nd Measurement the germination of seeds for the “Water Only” tray increased a decent amount whereas the two different types of fertilizers did not quite keep up with the germination of water. However, it should be noted that it could be possible that we didn’t use enough fertilizer for it to make an impactful effect on seed germination, if we were to maybe increase the mL of fertilizer, used a different type of soil, and fertilizer, then perhaps fertilizer would have been more impactful. Conclusion In conclusion the purpose of this lab was to see if fertilizer would cause seed germination to become faster/ more productive. We found out that it did not and that our hypothesis of if fertilizer was added to different types of seeds, then seed germination would become faster was wrong. From what we can conclude from our experiment is that water is the best thing use when tending for plants.

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