Felicia's Eviction: A Short Story

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This story is about a middle aged woman named Gertrude. Gertrude had many friends most of them she has known since the second-grade. She would have parties with her friends every Saturday what can we say Gertrude was a party animal. One day she woke up not knowing anything because of the amount of liquor she drank the night before. She walked by her front door and saw an envelope and on the front it was stamped “EVICTION” she read and said “ In accordance to Ohio Penal Code Section 415 (2) you have violated with multiple noise complaints” She continued to read “You have 60 days after this eviction notice to vacate the apartment”. Gertrude looked mad like she wanted to break something or punch someone in the face well that’s what she gets for partying to hard. Gertrude then contacted her friend who is also a real estate agent and told her “Yeoo Felicia so I um… just got an eviction notice from my apartment complex so I need you to find me the cheapest house possible but it can’t be a total junk yard.” Felicia responded “Ok Gertrude I’ll try but you need to calm down for the next couple weeks and not get in anymore trouble.” So this long process began Felicia was searching for so many homes online and every weekend Gertrude and…show more content…
So her and all her party friends grabbed their cars and started helping her pack up and bring it to the car. Her mattress, tv, dj radio, couches, furniture, and pretty much everything. This process took two long days. Then they all left it was about 9:30 pm Gertrude was fully moved out and she was putting thing where they belonged and her plates in the kitchen and clothes in the dressers. Gertrude started hearing this loud obnoxious growling noise she just thought she was hearing things because she was overtired and hadn’t slept in the longest time with all this house stuff. So she was done for the night and went to
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