Feliks Skrzynecki Analysis

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The poem “ Feliks Skrzynecki” communicates to the responders that as a result of the Skrzynecki family migrating to Australia, Peter had lost a significant aspect of his life which was his relationship with his father due to the barriers that had arisen restricting them from proper communication. This is reinforced in the poem, in the quote “ Loved his garden like an only child,”. Through the application of this technique in the first stanza, it establishes the connection made amongst the father and his beloved garden. This suggests that the garden is the only mean in which he could recreate his lifestyle from Poland, therefore, loving the garden like an only child he felt comfort and a sense of belonging whilst in it. Another technique Skrzynecki…show more content…
The use of the technique in order to communicate to the audience what life was like for Feliks in Poland is evident in the quote “ Hands darkened / from the cement, fingers with cracks like the sods he broke”. This conveys that due to the fact that he worked so hard he often unintentionally and absentmindedly disregarded his son provoking him to block him out of his world. Consequently , this had a detrimental impact on their relationship as his father was satisfied in the world in which he created which disregards him ( Peter) unintentionally as the garden is what connects him ( Feliks) to his previous lifestyle in Poland as it brought a sense of belonging with knowledge that it was like his former lifestyle. Peter, on the other hand, has no deep connection with his father due to the language barrier as Peter attempted to learn English whereas his father has not attempted or approached the fact that he needs to in order to belong. Peter tries to communicate that his father never focused on learning the language and tried to maintain his Polish lifestyle by disregarding the English language. This is apparent in the quote “ His Polish friends/ Always shook hands too violently, / I thought… Feliks Skrzynecki, / That formal address / I never got used to”. Peter was very critical and had a negative attitude about the fact that his father surrounded himself with Polish friends and did not attempt to meet Australians. Due to this, it provoked the barrier to aggravate which had detrimental impacts on the relationship between them due to them not being able to communicate properly. This stanza establishes that the only way he could feel a sense of belonging is to form relationships with other Polish people as he felt they related to each
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