Felisa Rogers Analysis

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In this article, Felisa Rogers uses logos to show the way she got interested into loving the game of football. She ended up dating and then marrying her husband, who of which was a Green Bay Packers fan, so she was literally just forced into watching and respecting the sport. This article is more for the peoples who don’t like football so much. For most people who really aren’t interested in sports or football at all. It shows how some other people have their own perceptions on football. This article is to show how men’s relationship with this sport is more as a bond, and or how they express themselves in a sport rather than in actual feelings. Something that’s just thought of so much, could somehow take over your mind after certain amount of time. In this article, rogers would explain how as she grew up all kinds of sports weren’t really on her mind, but as she got older and she started dating a huge football fan, she then realized how much she was actually persuaded into being interested…show more content…
Out of all things, the last four years she was struggling with a Falcons fan because she had to fake liking the sport, now she has literally married it. The fact that she didn’t enjoy the sport or even talking about it, caused a huge dent in their relationship. She would literally just not listen to him as he talked, mainly because it was just him talking about football all the time and she just didn’t understand anything he was saying. At the beginning of their marriage, they had a chain of bad luck, from deaths in the family, parents sick, and being laid off of his job. Rich would take on job to job even when it didn’t pay so he could take care of Rogers, even when it wasn’t so much pay he still did it. Rich was so stressed with work and everything else, that the only way he relaxed was when he talked about the Green Bay Packers. He always sounded so happy when he would talk about football, his safe place was literally Bret
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