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Caribbean Dutch Auteur: Felix De Rooy Amelia c. Ramjarrie 812000864 Who is an auteur ?According to the Auteur Theory put forward by French film directors in the 1950’s, “A true film auteur is someone who brings something genuinely personal to his subject, instead of producing a tasteful, accurate but lifeless rendering of the original material ”(Auteur Theory- WordPress.com).To further elaborate on the subject matter addressing of authorship, a film maker is regarded as an auteur when he or she has a personal, signature style and keeps creative control over his overall work. When I heard this prolific statement, instantaneously the film maker that comes to mind is Caribbean Dutch film maker and director, Felix de Rooy. In my opinion he is one of the most fascinating…show more content…
As testament to his acclaimed authorship, I will examine three of Felix De Rooy’s films including ‘Ava and Gabriel’ (1990), Almacita, Soul of Desolato (1986) and his most recently made Muhe Frida (2011) which all…show more content…
I believe Rooy took this approach because he wanted to reflect Frida Kahlo’s paintings. Kahlo’s paintings are self- portraits and thus, break the fourth wall. Consequently, in his reflection within the film he ensures that he remains faithful to this aspect and maintains they breaking of the fourth wall. The confrontational gaze, makes the viewer look deep within the layers of the character and infer what she is thinking and feeling as she dances within the film. Does she think the dance does justice to the emotions that Frida Kahlo wanted emitted from her paintings? Is it really a reflection of all her pain and sorrow that she wanted people to know she experienced? It is important that this is conveyed because Kahlo’s attempt was to show people that despite it all she tried to make the world a better

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