Felons Rights Research Paper

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Felon Rights:
Many people take voting for granted; many will argue that voting is a privilege not a right, as this is true among many counties. Here in the United States everyone at the age of eighteen gains their right to vote. Right now roughly 4 Million Americans will not be allowed to Vote in the United States. These people are felons that have served their debt to society. If someone is a U.S. Citizen, working, paying taxes, and coexisting in a community they have the right to vote. President George W. Bush stated in 2006 "President Johnson called the right to vote the lifeblood of our democracy. That was true then and it remains true today."

In an interview with Stacy Inman she explained how she was arrested for Domestic violence and
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Many felons as mentioned gain employment, and have taxes taken out as well as paying sale and properly tax. Most of these felons are not able to have their voice heard by which the taxes they pay grant them that right. It isn’t right for a person to pay taxes, not have a right to vote, and still be expected to hold the same Morales and responsibility as someone who isn’t a criminal. Global Exchange a human rights organization says, “Permanent disenfranchisement of former felons, a practice that falls outside of international or even U.S. norms, is an unreasonable restriction that creates subcategories of citizenship in the United States. Ex-felons are expected to contribute to society as gainfully employed citizens, pay taxes and raise families, but their disenfranchisement gives them no say in how those tax dollars are spent, who sits on their children’s school board, or who represents their interests in…show more content…
is to let felons have the right to vote like anyone else. It is a right that everyone should have as long as they can show they have changed to fit in with the general population. Everyone who says that those who broke the law cannot pick those who make it, doesn’t realize that there are plenty of people who will break the law or has already done so and they still have their right to vote, rather they just haven’t been caught or just been charged with a misdemeanor. The worst that can happen if felons have the right to vote is we get more democrats in the white house since most felons are democrats themselves. Over all the U.S. needs to put the power of election in the hands of the citizens rather the citizen be a felon or
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