William Felton Russell's Role In Basketball

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William Felton Russell is arguably one of the best players to ever play the sport of basketball , even though he doesn't get alot of credit from the youth of today’s society. Probably because they weren't old enough to witness his greatness. He impacted the game a lot and some people might say he was an underrated center. Regardless of a tough childhood he found that basketball was a way to make it out of the struggle.Even though he couldn't find success right away he found ways to work hard and trust the process to become a phenomenal athlete. In the collegiate level he excelled as well winning National Championships and earning awards.In the NBA it was the highlight of his career as he would gain Most Valuable Player Awards and titles for his team.He would also start one of the biggest rivalries in the NBA and set the bar high in the statistical area.After the NBA he encouraged the youth to do things as well William Felton was born on February 12, 1934 in West Monroe, Louisiana to Charles and Katie Russell. When he was baby he was very unhealthy and he battled various illnesses. The family lived in poor African american neighborhoods. As a child growing up in Louisiana as African American in the 1940’s was hard for him and his family.The income in their house was not as good the father worked in a paper

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