Feminism In 'The House Of The Spirits And Lourdes Puente'

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The quandary around female autonomy in Latin American fictions particularly Isabel Allende’s novel The House of the Spirits and Cristina Garcia’s Lourdes Puentes, is depicted in a multitude of ways. The portrayal and experiences of female characters is one determining factor. Alongside the very concept “female” exist due to biological differences between male and female, making male characters part of the equation equivalent to the dilemma of female autonomy.
Female rebellion echoes autonomy in The House of the Spirits as the female characters revolt through numerous distinct actions against pre-imposed ideologies. Clara makes use of communication as “war zone”, according to Virginia Satir this phenomenon is due when a person feels that his
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Clara did not take any actions as Blanca did with the count by leaving her husband. But Clara remained in her oppressing marriage life by diverting her frustration by her muteness towards her husband and caring for community and children.Clara appeared as a female autonomous character at “Tres Marias” by educating women rights but she had to stop her noble cause under the orders of Esteban, the oppressing male figure. On the other hand despite, Blanca seem to love her independent life she ended up marrying her lover, leading her autonomy as a myth. Amanda being the feminist who aborted her unwanted child and rejected the latter’s father somehow die because of her love for Jamie through drug abuse. Furthermore, Alba initially emerged as a strong woman who is determined to preserve the house in the corner nonetheless in the end long for Miguel. Transito the success of her coorporative made her economically autonomous somehow she still needs male’s sexual appetite to run her business. Ferula regardless of the fact that she had not used Esteban’s money she somehow was deprived her independence as she had to be the perfect daughter stifled in traditions to look after her sick mother. Female autonomy is an ideal as women are humans who deal with feeling and emotions and who somehow need the support of the opposite sex and vice
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