Female Caste Theory

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The women 's movement faces the dilemma of the ceiling glass, and it is inevitable as Casey Hayden and Mary King explain in Sex and Caste: A Kind of Memo published in 1965. The ceiling glass theory, essentially is that a group has set goals but will not be able to able to achieve their goals because of people, values, and or the state imposing or destabilizing the group. As for the women 's movement, change is possible but we don’t see the glass because there is no legitimate way to explain why society treats women a certain way. Both authors agree that when came to the topic of women oppression, amongst conversion between other women were recurrent issues and similar themes in terms of their personal life. And even beyond this women 's…show more content…
Caste by definition is inherited by birth of a social class that is determined by differences in wealth, privilege, profession, or race. The authors use this work to describe the relationship between the sexes and how one is dominant over the other they write, “It is a caste system, at its worst, uses and exploits woman.” (Hayden, King) Likely women are born into this structure, the authors would say there 's no denying sex and caste. Examining what the authors claimed is was defines this caste. 1) The caste is not institutionalized by law 2) Woman can’t overthrow this and 3) there are biological differences between men and women. I liked the concept of what they were trying to argue is sense that females are separated from men with in society. But why bring race into this idea? A caste is determined by typically race and wealth, not by gender. Sure race is important but gender makes you connected to someone who shares the same physical characteristics but most likely is from a completely different…show more content…
In conclusion, I would like to examine a quote from the text.“People are beginning to think about and even experiment with new forms in these areas.” (Hayden, King) The authors first argue that no one is talking about it and mostly we’re led to think this is how it should be between the sexes, but naturally people, in specific women, are starting to challenge these values. I want to examine this quote and how it fits in today 's society is terms of fashion, sexulaity, career choce, and empowerment through contraceptives. All of these forms in one way or another have been affected by the women 's movement or have been a result of the movement. Also i would like to note that today there is a huge difference between sex and gender. Sex is determined biologically but gender identification is personal choice. This is a fairly new concept so my concern is if the state imposed on this freedom? And lastly because one sex is preferred over the other there are repercussions in groups like or similar to the LGBT community. Most importantly it has resulted in social issue such as hypersexultion of children and sexulization of female portrayal in the media. Society needs to recognize that it is psychological violence to tell a woman she is less than a man, we should be empowering woman for the common good not

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