Susan Glaspell's Trifles: An Analysis

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Many female characters in stories are realistic to females in the real world. For example, Susan Glaspell’s story called Trifles has female characters that resemble the females living in Glaspell’s society. The female characters in the story are wives to the investigators for the case. As a matter of fact, the Women’s Rights Movement (WRM) was also taking place during Glaspell’s society. “This movement was far from unified, however; strife and division often arose as activists faced the difficulties of meeting the diverse needs and priorities of the women of America” (Andreas et al.).The WRM did start in the 1800’s which is long before Trifles came out, but the movement lasted until the twentieth century. Through the WRM, Trifles is able to suggest that Glaspell lives in a society of women gaining the ability to protect each other and themselves by fighting for their freedom and rights. Despite the stereotypes and restrictions placed on women based on their gender, they still united as one to gain equality. Trifles came out in the twentieth century and the story illustrates an abusive emotional relationship between a married couple to which Mrs. Wright becomes a suspect in killing Mr. Wright. The investigators for the murder case are named Mr. Peters and Mr. Hale, and they could not find any clues to convict the Mrs. Wright. On the…show more content…
Women faced various complications during the WRM and those complications led to them to fight for equality for all females. For example, women wanted to end sexism, gain voting rights, access higher education, and access higher job positions. Despite their challenging work for equal rights, full equality from governments for women was not accomplished until 1920. Given these points, it took a massive group of women a while to do so, but the WRM gave them the opportunity to accomplish major positive changes in their lives against unfair
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