The Theme Of Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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To begin with, the title of Shakespeare’s comedy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream “, immediately catches the attention of the reader, creating a absentminded, magical and fantastical atmosphere. Seeking to implement a mystical, dreamy ambiance in the play, the writer illustrates the fairies in the forest as time looses track, and nothing is unfeasible. Furthermore, as a master of characters, Shakespeare portrays the complicated relationships between the young Athenians, and depicts a love dilemma filled with desire, envy, passion and vengeance. The prominent dramaturgic explores the complex matter of romance and love, and implies that love can act as an obstruction, that can drive one crazy. Moreover, the play favors the freedom of preference, implying…show more content…
Being alike in many ways, the two main female characters also make a distinction. Engaging in the gauzy mystery of romance, Shakespeare points out that, when it comes to Hermia and Helena’s concept of love, the two female characters fit perfectly in the gender stereotypes by aggressively and passionately pursuing love. In contrast, Shakespeare states that the madness of Demetrius and Lysander can somehow be explained as they are believed to be deeply enchanted. The reader expects that the lovers would form two couples; however, nonparallel situations occur since both men love Hermia. In addition, the dramaturgic suggests that once Demetrius and Helena were lovers, they could be together again. All of the four lovers are deeply preoccupied with their own feelings, chasing love and the true nature of contentment. To further emphasize on the main motif in the play-the complicated matter of love, we consider Lysander’s words that: “The course of true love never did run smooth,” (I.i.134) Yes, Indeed, love needs sacrifice, however the delicate tone of the play never left the reader with the impression there will be a melancholic
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