Female Characters In Esperanza Rising

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Hello everyone,

I am Iriana P. Luna Lozada. This is my third year at San Jose City College and I am planning on transferring this semester. I am a premedical student that is aspiring to become a doctor in order to help with promoting preventative healthcare among minorities, in order to better my community. Furthermore, I am also the Associated Student Government President at SJCC and am a member of a couple of clubs on campus. If you have any questions with regard to the Associated Student Government, feel free to ask me. I love literature and I am super excited to learn so much from this course and everyone’s different perspectives.

The female character I identify with is Esperanza from the novel Esperanza Rising written by Pam Muñoz Ryan. The reason being that Esperanza faces a lot of the same difficulties I have faced. For example, Esperanza’s trait of being family oriented is an essential trait I
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The reason being that Gertrudis is a strong woman who goes against all the imposed traditions and views women face. Gertrudis’ bravery to leave the ranch and not only fight in the war, but become a general in the revolutionary army is a trait I wish to develop. I am usually a very quiet person but in the past year I have been encouraged by others to speak out on issues. This trait is essential becomes bravery is needed when you wish to bring change; therefore, becoming outspoken about your views and opinions. Another trait is her confidence in pursuing her liberation. As someone who has grown up in household where my father wishes to maintain some traditional views of women while my mother push myself and siblings to question traditional views of women, it is sometimes hard to stand my ground and be confident in my choice to challenge these views. As a result, I wish to develop this trait more in order to not feel doubtful about my
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