Reaction Paper About Fairy Tales

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Introduction: There once was a young boy whose mother read stories to him from picture books. This young boy was me around the age of seven years old. Before bedtime, my mother used to read stories to me before I went to sleep. I remember that I watched several Disney cartoons of the tales, but I cannot recall which ones I saw. I know that fairy tales have fictional elements, such as magic and fantasy, that cannot happen in real life. Some fairy tales have a moral, like fables, although they are not directly stated. Fairy tales appeal to children because of the abstractness and imagination they both share. I decided to write this paper about fairy tales because I am the most well-acquainted with them. I was well-acquainted with them as a young boy. The stories are important to us because of what they teach. Fairy tales are especially important to us because they take us to an imaginary world. They give us clues of the cultures and histories of the countries where they originated. Fairy tales also give us a mean to escape reality and enter the world of the tale. The Search: As we…show more content…
In the interview, my mother responded that she enjoys happy endings the most in fairy tales, so it is not only children who enjoy happy endings (Mellen). Happy endings are agreed as one of the most crucial aspects of fairy tales. J.R.R. Tolkien writes in his article “On Fairy Tales” that “far more important is the Consolation of the Happy Ending. Almost I would venture to assert that all complete fairy-stories must have it.” (13). Happy endings leave us with a cozy and heartwarming feeling and they “offer a kind of satisfaction and consolation.” (Tolkien 12). They give us consolation from the brokenness of the world and our stressful and eventful lives. Furthermore, happy endings offer hope, joy, and encouragement that we can use in our
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