Female Characters In The Birds

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After watching the flick The Birds, it was noticeable how strong the female characters were and how colossal their overall roles were. That also stood to show how weak of roles the women in “The Birds”, the short story, played. The women, in the movie The Birds, were strong characters who took charge of their own lives, while the main female, in the short story “The Birds”, was weak and forceless. The flick The Birds, presented females as intense main roles. Where a very accomplished example of a fierce female role shows through, is in Melanie Daniels. Waiting around for Mitch to come to her like a damsel in distress was not an option for her. She used her personal connections to find him. After discovering who he was, she tracked him all the way out to Bodega Bay, to give him love birds for his sister. Next, going out of her…show more content…
By being the school teacher, Annie is shaping Bodega Bay’s youth and passing on her own sense of responsibility. Annie also lives alone and is single. Consequently, she is very independent and able in her personal life. Even while being scared to death herself, she still rescued many children during the bird attack at the school. The most important rescue was Cathy, Mitch’s little sister, Annie even died while trying to defend her. In the end, Annie was a responsible and strong leader in Bodega Bay.
On the other hand, Nat’s wife from the short story was not given much personality or even a name for that matter. She also isn’t as forceful or strong as the women in the flick. Nat is often telling her what to do. “Light up the Primus, make us some tea, make the kids some cocoa,” (pg 23). Nat’s wife is also just a housewife, while Nat goes to work at the farm she stays home to do cooking and cleaning, which is seen as something very feminine, but, in the end, is not a money-making job. In conclusion, Nat’s wife is shown as being a powerless, weak,
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