Taming Of The Shrew Character Analysis Essay

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From Resistance to Conformity: Female Characters in “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Ah Min Hawaa” Analysis "The taming of the shrew" is one of William Shakespeare 's earliest comedies, it was written between 1590 and 1594. Also it 's one of his most adapted works and most controversial. The taming of the shrew is about how a man named Petruchio who seeks a wealthy wife transform an aggressive woman Named Katherine into obedience. The play opens with a drunk beggar in front of a tavern in the countryside. The tavern 's hostess quarrel with Sly over his offensive behavior then Sly passes out. A lord passing by decides to make a joke out of Sly and take him to his mansion and dress him up like a nobleman. Sly was convinced that he is a lord then a group of actors perform a play in his room. The play is set in Italy where a rich man named Lucentio arrives in Padua with his servant Tranio for educational purposes. Lucentio involve in a family drama happening nearby. Baptista Minola has two daughters Bianca and Katherine. Bianca has a lot of suitors who quarrel for marrying her but Baptista decides that Bianca cannot get married unless her older sister Katherine get married first. The suitors say…show more content…
In "The Taming of the Shrew,” Shakespeare draws Kate 's character as an aggressive woman that nobody wants to marry her. On the other hand, Kate 's character is misunderstood by the male characters around her. She might be acting rudely as a result of feeling insulted by the idea that her father wants her to marry any man that would take her. The fact that she feels not respected and unequal to any man makes her act as cruel and tough as any man can be. By the end of the play she understood that there is no other way of gaining the respect and support she desires unless by conforming to her society 's ideas and act as an obedient
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