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It seems trivial to question the existence of a part of the female anatomy the way one would dispute the existence of other infamous scientific anomalies such as Bigfoot or unicorns. However, one of the most perplexing mysteries of the 21st century has been the actuality and whereabouts of the female G-spot. Whether or not this erogenous hot spot exists has puzzled scientists, as well as both males and females, for decades. It has been a challenge to determine whether or not the female G-spot actually exists because of its questionable discovery and origins, strong evidence supporting and against its existence, and the influence the media has on its existence.
Although there has been textual evidence in support of the existence of the G-spot – or Gräfenberg-spot – as well as many studies
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According to sexologist Vincenzo Puppo, the hub of female sexual function and orgasm is not related to the urethra or anywhere in the vagina, but the clitoris (Puppo, 2011). Despite a multitude of studies conducted in efforts to unearth the G-spot, the Skene’s glands and periurethral tissue have been the only anatomical structures found anywhere near the area (Kilchevsky et al., 2012). Other studies have found weak connections between these glands and the G-spot, and argue that the Skene’s glands do not possess the necessary receptors to be stimulated through touch (Kilchevsky et al., 2012). Otherwise, the noted magnified sensitivity of the front vaginal wall can also be explained by its closeness to the periurethral tissue. Any mechanical pressure on these areas along this wall could indirectly stimulate the surrounding clitoral structures (Kilchevsky et al., 2012). The vagina and the urethra have no anatomical or functional relationship with the clitoris, and thus, the Gräfenberg spot’s existence does not make sense (Puppo,

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