Female Medical Student Case Study

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Title: To explore the functional status of female medical student at Dow University of Health Sciences

Introduction: Physical activity is well-defined as a human body movement made by skeletal muscles at the expense of energy (1). According to The World Health Organization (WHO) around 60% of the worldwide population do not meet the suggested minimum activity of everyday(2).The fourth leading threat for global death is physical dormancy and it is a causative factor in the growth of many non-communicable infections such as diabetes mellitus, cancer and heart diseases(2). Physical function includes areas in activities of daily living (ADLs), instrumental ADLs (IADLs), body power and movement (3). It has been revealed that physical activity decreases after high school to college and most of the college pupils states a decline in physical movement ensuing their Completion (4). This is one of
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Physical inactivity leads to obesity. Being heavy can cause circumstances including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease and stroke (11). Physical activity can reduce number and incidence of numerous disorders and can promote a healthy lifestyle. Dodging a disease is always better than seeking a prevention. (12) Undergraduates’ educational accomplishment is also affected by physical and emotional health or we can say that high levels of anxiety in medical students may have an undesirable influence on intellectual and knowledge which could be imitated by their low academic accomplishments. It is presumed that medical students have general understanding about fitness and physical activity (12). Especially female medical students are more susceptible to emotional mood swing I.e. anxiety or depression (13). For that reason, medical student’s opinion about the advantage of physical activity will be valuable in inspiring patients, increasing awareness and disease prevention

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