Female Nurses In The Civil War Summary

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Saving lives is what the nurses in the Civil War did best. There ongoing dedication to helping the wounded and dying soldiers never wavered. Through all of the difficulties they faced with being a woman they still soldiered on in their own ways. The volunteered nurses served as heroes of the medical field. They revolutionized the Civil War with their knowledge and ability to save lives. Every nurse made a remarkable impact on history and on the lives of many. Through every harsh condition they were put through they still managed to do what they do best: impact lives. Today the female nurses of the Civil War could be considered the unacknowledged Samaritans of the time. L. P. Brockett and Mary C. Vaughan, Woman 's Work in the Civil War: A Record…show more content…
Richard, Busy Hands: Images of the Family in the Northern Civil War Effort (New York: Fordham University Press, 2003). This book can be best described as showing the influence female nurses had in the Civil War. It is noted that the bond the female nurses made with the male soldiers helped them on their way to recovery. The familial atmosphere that the nurses provided gave the soldiers a boost in mental and physical health. The book really shows how the compassion of the nurses went a long way. The extent of how the women nurses influenced the soldiers was well described in the book. This book gave the most detail on the different levels of aid the nurses…show more content…
This is a book filled with excerpts from Cornelia Hancock who was a female nurse during the Civil War. In the book it really shows how woman like Cornelia wanted to serve for their nation. Not being able to do the actual fighting, they found other ways to be of service. Hancock faced the prejudices most female nurses did at the time, but still worked tirelessly to assist as many soldiers as possible. Although most of what really happened to Hancock was censored, this book still shows the true heroism woman of that time
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