Female Perceptions In Susan Glaspell's A Jury Of Her Peers

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In today’s society men and women are acknowledge as equal in their ability and intelligence, in 1917 when Susan Glaspell wrote “A Jury of her Peers,” women were not as equal. During the rural Midwestern century women were uneducated and were controlled with no constitutional or financial power. Women were considered the “weaker sex” (Susan Glaspell) P. during those times there was nothing they could do about it. Women were demoted to their homes to maintain their household chores women were at the mercy at the dominant men in their lives. Sarcastically, it is just this type of defenseless reality, conceivably, over the years has grown into authority which women could confuse and aggravate the men as equals: women are born with an instinct it is known as a “women intuition.” (Susan Glaspell) P. Glaspell story, unexpected situations has a disagreement between the men and women perceptions.…show more content…
Wright, but the women are the ones who find the signs. While the men are in the house they are looking for anything that is out of place, try to find noticeable evidence that would have caused Minnie to be furious or angered her to kill Mr. Wright. The men perceptions does not let them know that their wives could help them and give them understanding of what has taken place at the Wright’s farmhouse because they are women. The only reason they brought their wives along is to gather Mrs. Wright belongings, the men think the women are pointlessly absent-minded with meaningless things and do not think they are smart enough to make an impact on the investigation, when Mr. hale makes an insulting remark: “would they know a clue if they come upon it. (Susan Glaspell) Fatefully, the women find the evidence to the murder of Mr.
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