Female Resistance Against Repression In Shobha De's Strange Obsession

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Abstract The paper, titled Female Resistance against Repression throws light on the significance of the institution of marriage and familial love as portrayed in Shobha De’s sensational novel Strange Obsession. It also underscores that women, must be discrete to distinguish between the real and deceptive, fake and genuine, deleterious and healthy. She also exhorts the need for women to master their own self in the process of attaining independence. The emphasis is laid on curbing the unconventional feminine desires which subjugates women. As a socially conscious writer, De attempts to bring these erring women back into the orbit of socially sanctified morality. Keywords : Lesbianism, psychopaths , harmonious existence , familial bonding, institution of marriage, freedom . Female Resistance against Repression in Shobha De’s Strange Obsession Introduction Shobha De, a renowned and a prolific living writer projects her social vision through affirmation of the feminine self. She predominantly deals with the lives of the upper class society and examines the institution of family and marriage. She opines in Shooting from the Hip: “The whole question of the position of females in…show more content…
She desperately tries to get as far as she could from Minx but Minx tries all possible ways to develop a closer relationship with her by using implied threats in order to tighten her web around her. While Minx enjoys the sexual encounters, Amrita feels guilty and entrapped. Minx, who understands that the disclosure of her lesbian orientation has created a dramatic repercussion in Amrita, tries to win the sympathy of Amrita by narrating a fictitious story about her own abuse as a child from her father. Minx not only wins the sympathy of Amrita but also wins the favor of Amrita’s parents by promising to take good care of their

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