Female Role Models In Espanza's House By Esperanza

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The claim/thesis that I have picked is that Esperanza has a variety of female role models in her life. Many of those role models in her life are in a trapped abusive life. They come from a poor family and are not the cleanest people in the town. But they have something all in common and that is that they all want a change. Some want their change in a different way than the others, some want someone else to change their life, and the others want to change their lives themselves. For Esperanza she comes from a poor family and lives in a house that in her opinion is old and ugly and worn down. She is unsure what she wants someone else to change her life or if she wants to change her life by herself. My opinion of how someone should change their life is by the person who wants the change it. If you need someone to change something that you are capable of doing. It is better to change what you want immediately so that people can progress onward from where you ended, even if it is a marriage. One role model in Esperanza's life was her …show more content…

Alicia is a young lady without a mother and is much like her mother in some ways. In the book it states that “Alicia has inherited her mother's sleepiness and her rolling pin(pg 31)”. But it also state that “.... is young and smart and studies for the first time at the university(pg 31)” which helps show to Esperanza that if she studies hard to she can do anything she sets her mind to. My opinion why Alicia is a good role model for Esperanza is that it shows with some hard work and some studying you have the ability to accomplish what you want to do in your future. By learning from Alicia’s desire to work hard at what she wants help make Esperanza’s personality by helping her to never stop trying to complete what might be hard now but will all make sense at the end and progress even farther. That is why I pick Alicia as a role model that helped shaped her

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