Female Characters In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The F. Scott Fitzgerald’s romance, talks about gender roles in a sort of conservative way, the 20’s are portrayed as a time of excitement, fame, extravagance and glamour. It was a time where women were recognized as being a major influence in the American culture. The author uses the female characters to build the American Dream by exhibiting their beauty, personalities and social status. Beauty is a very important aspect in the Jazz Era, which is shown by through the three main female characters in The Great Gatsby. Another topic that is important to mention regarding the characters, is their personalities and unique attitudes, that build once again the American Dream and it separates women from men. The main female character that is present…show more content…
Jordan is a professional golf player of questionable integrity, she is cynical, always very cool and composed, so much so that it seems, at times that she is disinterested and totally bored with the company of others, she is an independent woman who maintains an amoral view of life. Jordan is Gatsby’s path to reach Daisy, after all, he kept waiting for her to attend one of his extravagant parties, he finally bumps into someone that is close enough to her, and that someone is Jordan Baker. Jordan is the one who reminds Nick of Jay Gatsby and Daisy as lovers in Louisville when they were younger. The relationship between Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker is not very much spoken about, it appears to be very casual, it is never very clear why they began dating, especially after their sudden break-up, and both look to be very much detached from one another. It is important to mention that Nick had heard some rumours that Jordan had cheated quite often while on tournaments. This character represents women in a very specific social class for this time, she is a new “breed” of women in America with a sense of power, she is young single, a woman of wealth, admired by men wherever she goes, and her attitude approaching life appears to be very shallow and
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