Female Soldiers In The Civil War Essay

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Woman Soldiers of The Civil War

By accentuating the female’s roles and responsibilities in the Civil War, the women’s roles and responsibilities were completely different and often unequal to the men’s roles, yet the women in They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the Civil War influenced the lives of many females later on in life. In addition, some women in They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the Civil War fought for the same reasons as men for patriotism, adventure, to free the country of slavery.
Many factors that motivated women to participate as soldiers in the Civil War were the very same reasons as their male counterparts. For example, to be with loved ones, to get away from home, and for the bounties and the pay, In addition, woman were motivated to participate as soldiers were for the perceived adventure in romance of the war, and because they were patriotic. Unlike male soldiers, some women disguised themselves as men and enlisted in the military as a way to escape the oppressive social restrictions placed on women in that time period. Furthermore, another difference between female and male soldiers was that the women were under no social or cultural obligation to defend their country. For example, men faced
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Women are still not entitled to all authority and positions of leadership, meaning woman still cannot hold certain positions in many work fields. Furthermore, woman’s chances for meaningful work, equal pay and opportunities for promotion are not seen to be as important as the males since they have been known to be the breadwinners. Lastly, women are usually the ones that have to have the flexibility in a household and must be able to make domestic arrangements. Many offices are still not equipped with the right tools needed for children to go to work with their mothers. They did not offer free childcare, which usually prevented the woman from

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