Female Stereotypes In Disney Princess Movies

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You are at a 4 year old girl’s birthday party. All you can hear is the screeching of the kids and the smell of burnt cupcakes that the girls attempted to create in their “Easy Bake Oven.” But you see something on the walls, on the balloons and even on the cake. Frilly dresses, slim bodies, and pretty faces. These beautiful faces are the world renowned Disney princesses. Although the movies are magical, the messages that these princesses send to their young audiences especially girls are not as flawless as a princess’s face. In truth, these movies encourage female stereotypes, give girls unrealistic body ideals, and finally teach that girls shouldn’t be independent, and that they should let men take initiative for them. In Disney Princess movies, the princesses encourage dreadful female stereotypes. In fact, professor Sarah M. Coyne from Brigham Young University conducted a study using 198 preschoolers to figure out the impact of Disney Princesses on kids. They figured out that the more the young girls engaged with disney princesses, the more they behaved in stereotypically feminine ways. In addition to that, another professor named Carmen Fought stated that, “We don't believe that little girls naturally play a certain way or speak a…show more content…
Children’s brains are sponges soaking in the messages of female stereotypes, unrealistic body images and the fact that girls should aim for marriage while also trading in their independence that are sent from these Disney princess movies. Disney movies are works of art, but they are delivering the wrong messages for young girls. Disney Princesses should be powerful and brace and teach girls to break stereotypes, to be themselves, and to take charge. They should learn how to conquer their problems without a man, and Disney is getting closer, and soon we will have girls achieving unbelievable things at very young ages because their role models told them they can do
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