Wuthering Heights Female Voice

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In her essay, Karen Rowe discusses the importance and significance of the female voice in a story. The impact of a woman voicing her story through any means is great on the women in the story and women reading it. In Thirteen Reasons Why and Wuthering Heights, the stories are greatly centralized around the main female character. In Hannah’s case, she tells her own story. In Wuthering Heights, Nelly is telling the story of Catherine and Heathcliff to Lockwood. These stories do have something major in common; there is an incredible lack of a motherly figure in the stories. With that in mind, it becomes easy to relate the two stories to the variations of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Is there a significance to this missing mother? The absence of a motherly figure can ultimately be a contributing factor of the poor decisions of each of the characters and their voice. While many authors desire for the female character to be independent and morally sound, the character often appears broken and disconnected from those around her, especially her mother. The female voice in a story is not only affect by the character herself but the environment she is in. A woman in her environment…show more content…
In these stories, whether it is a young girl or a woman grown, all of them are told by females. This may be the authors’ attempt to fill the gap of a mother. Each woman is seen as a strong-willed woman who can stand to be on her own and make her own decisions; at least, that is what most people in society want to believe. In all reality, these women would have been stronger and smarter if they had a mother to protect and help them. In “Little Red Riding Hood” and its variants, Red Riding Hood may have not even been sent out into the woods on her own if she had a true, realistic motherly figure. Hannah’s death could have been prevented and Catherine’s decisions could have been more thought
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