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What is Feminine Genius? It is not exactly like what it sounds like. Feminine Genius is how females and males differ in life. It is the way we live our lives and how they require us to act and think. This contrast can be related to Theology of the Body because it explains what it really means to be a man and a woman. Theology of the Body also teaches us how we need to live our lives, as men and women, in the best way to glorify God.

It is proven everyday that men and women are different. We differ not just by our physical features but by the way God made us too. God created both men and women to love one another. He also created us to compliment each other because we are gifts for the other person. Women tend to be a bit more generous and
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Men tend to not see women as powerful or as smart as we actually are. On the other hand, Men just have to put on a nice suit and have a good haircut to look like the CEO of a big company. Society has taught us that women should be used as objects and that is all we are, and that is definitely not true. Women are forced to live their lives revolving around men. Some women think we have to dress and act just to impress men. And the truth is, we don't. We need to be dressing and acting for God. Although stereotypes are slowly becoming a thing of the past, people still believe that women should only be used for keeping the house and the children in order. Men have had control over us for decades, but it is refreshing to know that women are starting to stand out and break…show more content…
We are receptive, so we know when to help people. Women are loving and understanding human beings and all of these traits are gifts from God. We are great at sharing and are always willing to put our hands out to help. Women also have a superpower. We are capable of bringing children into this world. That all by itself is sign that says we are superior over men. Being a women means having the capability of balancing out hectic schedules, but still having time to spend with loved ones.

Women are intelligent and powerful human beings. Thanks to God, we are very different than men and that comes with a few advantages. Theology of the body helps teach us how man and woman were created for diverse reasons but we were also created to compliment each other. Feminine Genius is not to compare men and women but to show how we act, think and praise God differently. Although women may be seen as objects to some people we are way more
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