Feminine Social Role

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Achieving a feminine social role

Rani has been facing discrimination and deprivation ever since a child because she is a girl. Mother had told her once “your father had tried to give you up once”. Rani has come to know all these from the friends of her mother. She has recalls that her mother and she had to undergo many ill treatments and ordeals since they were unable to react. “I had suffered a lot when I was working in the hospital. Once my colleague who was even older than my father tried to molest me locking me in a room. But somehow, I could manage to escape from his clutches. When his desire was not fulfilled, he started persecuting me in many ways. Even when I complained to the authorities, they supported that man instead of supporting
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She explains,
“My father’s family abandoned me and my mother after his death. We couldn’t get a shelter at my mother’s family as her parents demised. They were against accepting my mentally ill mother”.
The mother was Rani’s world and she grew up in a very much-closed environment enjoying only her mentally sick mother’s company. She says, “My mother’s painful life was caused by her friend’s betrayal so I am scared of trusting anyone. I also doubt people’s intentions. We have experienced betrayal from all.”
Rani’s mother wants her to be with her always. Rani submits to her wish by staying close by and fulfilling her mother’s wishes. She does not like to be independent. Rani’s anger and ego are a major hindrance in forming the good relationship with others. She hates the opposite sex. She only had one boyfriend and now she has abandoned that friendship as well.
Selecting and preparing for an occupation

“I cannot dream about securing a job because I have only basic education. My mom often says that she has studied enough and travelled to different countries. But her condition is this; she doesn’t even know what crime she has done. So what is the use of

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