Femininity In Beowulf

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On the other hand, we see the power of feminine motion on Beowulf when he first encounters Grendel’s mother. She is a mythical monster who feeds on the flesh of humans. She is not given a name but referred to only as “Grendel’s mother”. Like most mothers, she takes on the roles as a nurturer, she must defend the honor of her child. During the Anglo-Saxon period, and even in today’s society, females portrayed as peace keepers because they are not supposed to get involved in any of action that starts some kind of feud. Because Grendel’s mother wants vengeance for the death of Grendel, she disturb the status quo of the female sex by starting up a feud. The same similarities are shown in Pascoe’s essay about how females are depicted and how they are supposed to act “However girls did not use this word as part of their regular lexicon. This sort of gendered homophobia that constitutes adolescents masculinity does not constitutes adolescents femininity”. (Pascoe, 577-578)The quote explains how girls at River high barely use the word “fag” because it did not account for femininity. Unlike Grendel, his mother is more powerful and she represents Beowulf’s feminine counterpart. Grendel’s mother kills Beowulf men to avenge the death of her son. She takes the form of a shape-swifter, meaning she can take the form of any human being. She appears as a very attractive…show more content…
The dragon for some reason is the child of Beowulf and Grendel’s mother. The dragon is beautiful and strong and it has been formed in Beowulf’s own image. The dragon represents the characteristics that Beowulf lacks. Beowulf have aged and his strength is not what it used to be and because of that he began to question himself as a man and warrior. During the fight there is a power struggle between father and son. Beowulf defeats the dragon, it is at the cost of his own life as he is wounded during the
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