Femininity In Disney Essay

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Upon examining representations of femininity of Disney characters, it is evident there is a stark focus on the dichotomy of good girls and bad women. In other words, their behavioral characteristics and prevailing climactic outcomes in the films, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, reinforce the idea that claiming agency and independence, is not only associated with evil but also posits a representation of femininity that women are discouraged from emulating. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an influential purveyor of gendered images and this is observed through the charming heroine who fulfills the rewards of marriage as the happiest of endings juxtaposed with the villainous queen who is left without reward and encounters her ultimate…show more content…
Though her motives may be selfish, her flaws give a sense of character that is far more realistic and relatable to most women. She is filled with sadness, envy, and desire, emotions that reflect all women in society. Obsessed with her fading looks, she strives to be the most beautiful women living and would do anything to get there. Her fears are similar to most aging woman and though she may have gone too far with the poison apple, her motives are not unrelatable. Aside from her deviant goals, her intelligence and perceptiveness is a force that grants her power. Snow White’s mindlessness and naivety operate in advantage to the Evil Queen. This is evident when she successfully poisons Snow White, which was possible through her ability to use magic in order to deceive Snow White into thinking she was actually an old woman with good intentions. Even though her motives are extremely shallow and her ways are cunning, she does not conform to socially accepted standards that reduce women’s role to simply waiting for a happily ever after with a prince. She obtained a great power, stayed focused on her goals and exhibits powerful traits Snow White lacks from the beginning of the movie- agency towards ambitions. Snow White is an inactive female character who apart from dancing with the animals makes only two decisions on her own- to run in the woods and eat the poisonous
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