Patriarchy In Family Sociology

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Patriarchy is a social system that has governed both eastern and western cultures throughout history and family was no exception to this system as well. Women were confined to domestic life and without choice had to carry out mundane household chores and were fully responsible for looking after the children. Feminism is a social movement that sought to end this through social reform such as giving women access to education and social positions which were previously unavailable to them because of their gender. Feminism has a positive effect on family life as it can stabilize the family financially, improve the standard of parenting and living environment for children. This will be explained by exploring the advantages dual-income system brings…show more content…
Through feminism, women have equal access to education and this will, in turn, foster a new generation of educated mothers. The level of maternal education plays a crucial role in the child’s health and academic performance. A recent study has found that scholastic outcome throughout different life stages of a child is positively linked to higher levels of maternal education (Harding et al, 2015). Furthermore, children born to mothers who had them after completing their studies were superior academically compared to children born to teen mothers and mothers who did not complete their studies. (“Mothers’ education”, 2014). Since mothers are individuals who spend the most time with their children, they are the main contributors to a child’s early development. Children raised by literate mothers will learn language faster than those raised by illiterate mothers. Mothers with a higher level of education are more capable in helping out with their children’s schoolwork and can better plan their children’s academic path as they have a better understanding of the education system. Other studies have also shown that the level of maternal education has a major impact on child health (Brown, 2010). Educated mothers will take early preventive measures during a disease outbreak as they know the importance of sanitation and vaccination. They also have better knowledge on nutrition and…show more content…
The social changes brought by feminism have allowed the family to adopt the dual-income system which benefits the family by bringing financial stability and reducing the financial constraints in their life. This has also improved the quality of parenting and living environment for children. The public should not be easily swayed by the critique of feminism made by conservatives as they are based on the mythos. Feminism has brought benefits to family life which would not have been possible under patriarchal society and people should, therefore, embrace feminism to enjoy the benefits brought by
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