Yeats And T. S. Eliot: Feminist Analysis

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The feeling of sympathy and pathos about sufferings of women and thirst to find out some feasible solutions has been emerged in practice long before the concept of feminism. Compassion and kindness are rooted in human nature. And very great poets who have altered the very attitude and approach to women’s problems along with deeper human philosophy have been expressed in our time to which W.B. Yeats and T.S. Eliot are no exception, though they did not do it to inspire by feminist wave.
W. B. Yeats and T. S. Eliot being poets, how greater limitations therefore they express problems of women through using symbols because their heavy philosophical ideas are most often is very obscure and their ideas rooted in historical inferences. Mythological references, subconscious mind and psychology of human behavior and yet they have succeeded in sending message to the total humanity through their poetry of making women free if not more than
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John Mill’s another book entitled Liberty is a landmark in the field of political philosophy. In respect of igniting awareness among women a masterpiece by the American writer Margaret Fuller’s Women in the 19th century (1845) who is authorities on feminism. It clearly appears that some of the poems from both these poets which have been taken in this research work clearly indicate that these poems reflect feminism and show the characteristics of feminist writings. These poems fulfill the conditions of
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