Feminism And Opportunism In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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In the play of Shakespeare entitled Macbeth, we have cited different philosophies that were shown in the play itself. Some of this includes feminism, opportunism, personalism, and instrumentalism and existentialism According to the Maggie Humm and Rebecca Walker, Feminism is a range of , ideologies, political movements and social movements that has a single goal: to establish, define, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women that is equivalent to those that men’s have. This includes the campaign on giving same opportunities to both men and women. Opportunism is the conscious practice and policy of taking advantage of situations with regard for principles, or with what the aftermath are for others. Opportunist actions are practical actions guided primarily by self-interested reasons. The term can be related to individual humans and living organisms, organizations, groups, behaviours, styles, and trends. Personalism is a thought searching to describe the distinctiveness of god as superior person or a human person in the natural world, specifically in connection to animals. The main points of interest about personalism are experienced in a person 's own acts, self-consciousness or human subjectivity, and inner happenings. According to some philosophers and scientist in the philosophy of science, the view that the value of scientific theories and concept is determined not by whether they are literally true to reality in some sense but by the

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