Feminism In America

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Through the history of America there have been 43 male presidents and no female has ever been the president. In the upcoming elections women are trying to change the way others view the presidential race. Hillary Clinton still running for the democratic votes has a fair chance to become the first female president, but it should not be aloud. Women can and should not be able to be president nor should they be able to campaign because they have relied on men for hundreds of years, they will cause a great deal of inequality, and are simply incapable of running the country. Dating back hundreds of years to when women were left to do the cleaning and men the hard work and labor the women had nothing to worry about, they relied on the men for everything.…show more content…
According to a poll conducted by the Huffington Post 82% of females agree that women and men should have all the same equalities which is the definition of feminism, but only 20% of those women classify themselves as a feminist. With a large percentage of all women in america that agree to the definition of feminism assuring that men and women should be equal in every aspect of life. Although feminism can be beneficial for the female population, some believe that women should even be higher than men. As men were always the hierarchy women began to fight for their rights and have come to believe that they should have more. Feminism is the act of creating men and women equal, with the likely chance of a woman becoming president that is also a feminist there are many issues that may occur. If the president were to find ways to create better standards for women, studies by outsidethebeltway show that men tend to act very differently in front of women and if women are set into the same work environments that are solely meant for men, work results and ethics will decrease significantly. According to the studies when women are put into the same work environment as men they tend to show off their abilities and if multiple men are to try their best to impress the girl, then fights are likely to happen to impress the women. A woman president would increase the likeliness to put women in the same position as men, in reality when it would only put a strain on society. As a women is set as a goal to most
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