Feminism In Anita Desai's Novel

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In this paper, the basic intention is to portray feminism in the novels of Anita Desai who is one of the great Indo-Anglican writers. Anita Mazumdar Desai was born at Mussoorie in India on 24 June 1937, the issue of a German mother and a Bengali father. Though she learned German at home yet she is greatly skilled in English at her school which helped her in becoming a prominent literary figure. As a writer of English, she was shortlisted thrice times for the Booker Prize. Among all her novels, her major works include Fire on the Mountain, Clear Light of Day, The Village by the Sea, In Custody and Fasting Feasting. Her latest novel is The Artist of Disappearance. She received Sahitya Academy Award, the most prestigious award of India in the field of literature for her novel Fire on the Mountain in the year 1978. Women are an inherent part of any culture or society and cannot be overlooked or neglected. In primitive times, life was simple: men hunted/protected while women took care of domestic responsibilities and nurtured the young. There was a division of labour and mutual understanding. However as time passed, and societies, nations and cultures developed, a marginalization of women began to take place. Though it may seem that women have a great deal of freedom and independence, the overall condition of women even in the world of today is not as it should be. Most women are confined to household work. So it can be said that even in our so

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