Feminism In Colonial America

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Feminism one of the most controversial topics that occur at least once in your average history class or in some cases English class. A topic that is received with sporadic emotions involving lots of qualifying and temperate jabs at some beliefs but still receive an overall laudatory reaction. High school students can be some of the most open minded individuals at times but unfortunately not everyone does, there are individuals that think misandry when feminism is mentioned. Feminism has been subject to vituperative remarks since it first arose but overcame and became one of the most influential movements on society. Current day feminism is accused of an ignominy towards the hatred of men (The Misandry Bubble). Which makes total sense since some radical feminist paint all men with a broad brush of us being an oppressor. Can you you really blame them though? Imagine being in colonial America when we were nothing but a small colony for britain and grew into a nation, but on the trip to sovereignty britain made our lives impossible would you praise them? Women were a second in comparison to men for years. Which is evident in china, when asked couples overwhelmingly preferred males to female offspring(Rampell).…show more content…
Now this type of statement was mostly used by males to use on females but now has a negative connotation representing victimhood. Some individuals believe that feminists sanction victimhood(Fiano). Which sounds legitimate since occurrences like that have happened in the very school I attend. With misogyny, sexual objectification, stereotyping being a trend in our society this idea of victimhood isn’t really far fetched. Unfortunately life becomes more difficult when society gives you guidelines that are seen as women like because everyone is different and should pursue their own
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