Feminism In Contemporary Society

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Feminism, in contemporary society, is giving females the same rights and opportunities as males have. This is not about privileges, anti-men or anything that makes women being treated better than men. This is about equality. It is based on the concept declaring that this society is constructed by men and exists to eliminate inequalities happening because of gender. At home, women should have rights to choose whether they are willing to deal with chores or not. Men, on the other hand, can never abuse their wife. At work, women should be paid equally as men and have a safe working environment. In the society, women should have the rights to vote and involve in selections. They should not to be defined as too strong only because they also…show more content…
Even in the contemporary society, women can not get the same paid as men do even though they do the same job. This year, in July, the famous British broadcasting corporation, BBC, also had this phenomenon. The average salary of women was 6500 pounds lower than the men’s one. In addition to this, a study which carried out by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency found a 266 dollar a week overall difference between what men and women in full-time work earn. Furthermore, this gap has been increasing and is larger than it was 20 years ago. According to this data, it is evident that the women was treated unfairly in getting paid. This gap is caused by the women’s lack of courage about asking the boss to raise the salary and the women was seemed to be less able to afford much work than the men. Then, they would be offered easier work which provided less salary. To extend, all those conclusions were based on the bias, natural sex differences and the logical fallacies. People all thought women were weaker than the men, because it the early society, the women had lower social levels and were forced to do the houseworks and the men worked outside. People shouldn’t evaluate the abilities of women, based on the social levels and the things women did in the past. This gave an biased impression to the people which led to the phenomenon showed
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