Feminism In English Literature

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Women in India started writing in English from long back. It took over a period then they could contribute distinguish English literature. During the 19th century, the more women became the part of India’s reformist movement against the British rule, the more they wrote on the themes of the country’s freedom struggle. Over the years, the feminist ideologies came to the English literature of India. As, Chaman Nahal Writers about feminism in India: “Both the awareness of woman’s position in society as one of disadvantage or in generally compared with that of man and also a desire to remove those is advantages.” (16) What women write is all about female subjectivity and with feminine perception. They depict their own identity in their novels. However this is the reason why their works are undervalued as they belong to patriarchal world where male experiences are always superior to female assumptions. Indian society gave much priority to men centric works. Male writers always dealt with heavy themes and works of women were not being appreciated. This prejudice comes because women writers are used to write on domestic violence, domestic space, sufferings and conflicts of women in men centric society as a female point of views. The majority of the novels by women portray the psychological suffering of the frustrated housewife; however such themes become lower and artificial when compared to the depiction of the repressed and oppressed lives of women who
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