Feminism In Feminism

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Feminism has been a topic of discussion on many literary works, dissertations and seminars as women of our society have been enduring the problem. There is no answer to the question how long they have to endure? But there is an answer for the question how long they have been enduring? The knowledge of feminism enters when an individual gets affected by the problem or observed the problem. Indian women have been a victim of patriarchal society nearly 3000 years. The problems have been changing from age to age but women remains as victim. Female authors come out with varied perceptions. But overall contributions made by women writers are less and so they have been invisible and their voice become unheard. Thus the empowerment of women becomes the recurring subject in order to create an identity for them in this patriarchal society. The modern women though educated or employed are divided between domestic duties or professional forays and inevitably most of the women undergo a psychological tension and that has become a part of their life. Helene Cixous in "Sorties: Out and Out: Attacked Ways Out/ Forays" writes of the dilemma for women who look for, but do not recognize themselves in the world: "What is my place if I am a woman? I look for myself throughout the centuries and don 't see myself anywhere" (574). Being a nation of multiculture Canada and its literature are similar to India in some aspects. A women writer of Canadians literature projects the plights of women. It
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