Gender Roles In Fight Club

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After Fight Club was released in 1999, it suddenly became a great success. The movie is basicly about a man's search for his actual identity. It simple goes over the idea that women’s empowered position in the society has caused men to become more feminine. It was cited in Gauntlett (2008) as masculinity in crisis. The movie also focuses on happiness does not come from consumer lifestyle.

The roles of gender are shifting in today's society. Women’s position in the society has greatly improved over the last years and according to the plot in Fight Club this created a problem. As it was cited in Gauntlett (2008), men used to know their place, as provider for their family, says Anthony Clare, and this was a role to be proud of. But today, as women show that they can do everything
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Her clothes and make-up makes she presented in a very sexual way. Even the way she talks is presented in a very sexual way. Marla is the source of all problems for The Narrator in the plot. Before she joined his self-help groups everything was much better for him. Because of her, The Narrator had to find another way to find his inner peace. And what he found was Tyler Durden. This also can be releated to the idea that women are the cause of men’s trouble. It basicly highlights that without women, men would not be so troubled.

In short, Fight Club presents the idea that women’s powered status has make men to become more feminine. The fact that women are now stronger then before causes men to become confused about where they belong in the society. The two characters of Tyler and The Narrator shows opposite kind of men: the feminine one and the masculine one. The character of Marla symbolizes every woman even though she is not feminine. She is a woman who is presented in a very sexual way. Her presence enforcing the idea that women are the biggest reason for men’s
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