Feminism In Handmaid's Tale

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Chauvinism and Feminism in Handmaid’s tale Introduction This paper explores the relations between patriarchy and class in the context of a dystopian society which is very well depicted by Attwood. In this sense, how patriarchy is used against women. Debates appeared when society acquired language and now a days is still a hot debate. Radical, feminists point men as the 'main enemy’ and they say that, patriarchy is considered as a form of domination imposed by men on women. Feminists are dealing with how to understand the relations between patriarchy and how to confront, oppose male chauvinism in the ruling class. “You can only be jealous of someone who has something you think you ought to have yourself.” ― Margaret Atwood’s saying at her official…show more content…
In this place there is a low reproduction rate. The fertile women are known as Handmaids. They are used to engender children for the elite couples that have trouble conceiving. Offred serves to a man known as the Commander and his wife, Serena Joy, who has “traditional values.” .In contrast to this, the protagonist at the beginning of the story feels uncomfortable and seeks for freedom. Through the story her mind changes as soon as she and the commander start to get on well. Nevertheless, the commander’s wife wants to give child to her husband without On the other hand, the story turns toward a totalitarian world ruled by men, giving no chance to survive to those who doesn’t agree with the government rules and try to live their own story of life. Proofs of chauvinism in Handmaid’s tale The proof chauvinism in Handmaid’s tale are these lines;”I wait. I compose myself. Myself is a thing I must now compose, as one composes a speech. What I must present is a made thing, not something born”(12.25).The narrator feels that she is split into two parts: within this new Handmaid, "Offred." The other version of herself is what she calls "a thing" . She can't behave naturally or impulsively; she has to play a role. The role of a tool which gives birth for the good of the
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