Feminism In 'Honor To Us All And Lamb To The Slaughter'

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Women Deserve More
Since the 1800’s women were always set to lower standards than men and this started to become realized as a problem during the Civil War. It was finally after when African Americans won their freedom and citizenships when women wanted to be treated equally as well. Finally, in 1920, the 19th amendment was ratified and women were given the right to vote. This was the beginning of the feminist movement. Feminism is the advocacy for women’s rights and their yearning to be equal to men. The application of Feminism within: “Honor to Us All”, “I Hear America Singing”, and “Lamb to the Slaughter” reveal that women are expected to follow through with their stereotypical roles in society of being the beautiful housewife, or the baby maker.
The analysis of “Honor to us All” by Disney’s Mulan, reveals a feminist society where women are constantly being judged by their figure and beauty. In the song, a girl named Mulan is being prepared to meet the town’s matchmaker to get married. With the help of salonists, they beautify Mulan because women were based on looks. “Wait and see, when we’re through boys will gladly go to war for you” (Disney 9-10). This is significant because only the ‘pretty’ and ‘well fit’ women could be married. This ties back to feminism because women are constantly being judged by their looks. The salonists also include that Mulan must be “like a lotus blossom soft and pale How could any fellow say no sale?” (Disney 26-27). This quote means that

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