Feminism In International Relations Essay

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Explain Feminism In International Relations. The word Feminism usually alludes to the women. According to Kieth L. Shimko in Perspectives, Theories and Readings in International Relations, he defines feminism as a perspective on social phenomena that focus on the issues concerned to the women while theoretically highlighted on the significance of gender. The main idea of feminist basically is about gender and patriarchy. This idea reflected on gender is not the same as sex, but the complex social construction of men’s and women’s identities and behaviour in relation to each other. It also analyses the evolution of power that are socially implemented over the period not by the factor of biological differences of each gender. The second idea is patriarchy system which females are subordinate to men, including the poor, children, elders and others. The power and status differ for men and women as normally men hold the top position in public society than women which are in the lowered position. This shows a direct inequality of power positions…show more content…
Their focus is to eliminate all forms of social injustice, including towards groups such as women, children, the poor and the elders. There are three types of ecofeminism through approaches in the political theory and history, belief and nature-based religions and lastly, environmentalism. Some views ecofeminism as more nurture and caregiver as it is in their own biological traits as a woman. Ecofeminism uphold justice and eradicate any oppression or domination over the groups mentioned above. According to Vandana Shiva, ecofeminist stated the patriarchy has lowered the class of women in society as unproductive. However, she argued that women has the ecological knowledge and has ever been the experts in wealth in partnership with nature. For example, the medicalization of childbirth, animal rights, materialist, and spiritual are some of the branches of
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