The Role Of Feminism In The Writings Of Manju Kapur

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Feminism has been the most prevalent theme used by novelists nowadays and its territory is increasing day by day. The writers through their writings accentuate feminism speaking for the betterment of females and raising issues related to women and society. Manju Kapur is one such writer whose writings represent the sufferings of females in the contemporary society. She in her novels also stresses on the female bonding; the relationship, friendship, attachment, cooperation and understanding between females. All of her novels emphasises on issues related to women, their education, identity, life, etc. She presents protagonists who are mostly educated who yearn to do something in life but are confined within the limits of a conservative society. These aspired individuals have independent thinking and their education makes them prejudiced towards family and society. Female bonding plays a vital role in the novels of Manju Kapur. Her novels present very well the sentiments and sufferings of women as well as their self-introspections. She concentrates on mother-daughter ties, sibling relations, husband-wife relation, friendly affiliation, love-relations and even lesbian relationships. Her first two novels Difficult Daughters (DD) and A Married…show more content…
The gaps between their relations lead them to their own destruction and failure. In spite of education they could not bring real independence in their life. A major concern in Kapur’s writing has been the description of inner life and restrained interpersonal relationships. In her novels Kapur presents women who try to establish their own identity through substantiating new relations. Their forged relations give them satisfaction but they are never fulfilled. The dislocation that they experiences and the suffocation that they face in the traditional confines of marriage and family are clearly brought out by the

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