Feminism In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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author Kate Chopin, in her novel, The Awakening, depicts the main character Edna Pontellier. Chopin’s purpose is to portray the idea of feminism. She adopts a powerful tone in order to emphasize her story to women of all ages. Director, Mike Newell in his movie, Mona Lisa Smiles, praises the main character Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts). Newell’s purpose is to convey the discomfort and expected perfect lifestyle of women in the 1950’s. Together the novel and the movie revolves around the idea of a perfect women and feminism, it is shown through the main characters in each story, Edna and Katherine who share abounding similarities.
The main characters Edna and Katherine are alike and different in so many ways. They share common interest, including art, they both love art but Enda loves to paint it and Katherine loves to critic it. Another similarity they share is they both
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The two stories revolve around women who struggle with feminism in their own way. Enda is not the ideal “wife material” or “mother material” because she is not only committed to the man she is married to but also other men. the stereotypes displayed in The Awakening include Enda not being the perfect mother or wife which creates a bad reputation for her and people being to not trust her. Katherine in the movie Mona Lisa Smiles show a woman who is in a relationship, but distant although she is committed to her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to marry him when he comes to visit because she had started to fall in love with another man at the school she teaches at. Because both of these women feel distant from their husband or boyfriend, it allows them to venture off to see other men. The two women have different ambitions other than being the perfect women, they have different focuses, like teaching, art and finances. The reoccurring theme is clear, and the two stories are displayed around
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