Gender Equality In Korea Essay

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Feminism: This is the most sensitive issue in Korea. A case of murder which happened last May deepened a dispute about gender equality that has been overlooked for a long time. Both men and women have been blaming each other and saying that their opponent has it easier in Korea. Women contend that men have some benefits of avoiding childbirth, spending less time and money on appearance, and being safe. On the other hand, men argue that they get some disadvantages of positive discrimination and military life. Not just because I am a woman, I think that it is easier to be a man in Korea because men can live more safely.

Whenever people argue about gender equality, people usually talk about pregnancy at first. Despite being the greatest gift
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The major reasons of their argument are about military service and positive discrimination. Because Korea is still at war, all healthy Korean men should serve in the military. The problem is that servicemen should only work in the military and cannot do anything else during their service period, which is at least 21 months. It means that Korean men should waste 21 months not studying, getting a job, or saving money because of national defense. To relieve this disadvantage, in fact, advantage points were given to applicants who completed military service but this was judged unconstitutional. After this judgment, still many men argued in favor of the advantage points system. But they were unsuccessful. Besides the military service, men complain about the positive discrimination because some of it discriminates against men rather than helping women. Some women misuse the positive discrimination to damage innocent men because weak women can be protected by the law more easily than strong men. In fact, a woman falsely notified the police that her boyfriend was an attacker because he wanted to break up with her. At first the police doubted him of course, because they assumed the woman was a victim. Eventually, the police admitted that the man was innocent, but the man should have been investigated for a long time. As addressed above, in some situations women’s words are more

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