Feminism In Kuwait Essay

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The rise of feminism in Kuwait

“Though we have the courage to raise our daughters more like our sons, we’ve rarely had the courage to raise our sons like our daughters,” (Gloria Steinem, 2012). Researchers say that, women were very persecuting in older ages, but now they have been grant parts of their rights and they still need more. There are different types of feminism varying from different places and different cultures. Each type of feminism group has an aim that they try to reach. Some feminists want equal pay at work and others want equal rights in freedom. However, they all aim for equality. Kuwait is known to be the city of freedom where women are being positively influenced and improving day by day. Some people say that
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Moreover, the Kuwaiti culture is all about keeping the woman at home most of the time cleaning, cooking and even educating the children. However, this is insane because there is no difference in productivity between the genders, in some cases there are statistics that says, some women’s work better than their peers of men, which means that the society will lose a lot of power. Furthermore, the world is changing so this old culture is not valid for the present. In addition, a man that forces his wife to only stay at home, is what we call…show more content…
When a Kuwaiti lady marries someone that is not Kuwaiti and living in Kuwait for many years, even their entire life the husband will not be a Kuwaiti. This is a problem because, the children will not be Kuwaiti and so they will not have a fair life. In fact, that’s why Kuwaiti women most of the time do not marry anyone that is not Kuwaiti. Moreover, the children’s of Kuwaiti women have very little rights. Like education, they have the ability to study until the university after that they should pay using their own money. Also, they do not have the priority to have a job and even though if they get a job they will get a half of the wage that a Kuwaiti person

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