Feminism In Malaysia

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MEDIA AND SOCIAL ISSUES: FEMINISM INTRODUCTION TO FEMINISM WHAT IS FEMINISM? Feminism is a widely known movement that aims to obtain equal rights for women. People who support this movement are known as ‘feminists’. These feminists campaign to fight for countless issues such as equal pay for their work, fair employment opportunities, the right to education, and so on. Oakley (1981) said that, “Ultimately any feminism is about putting women first; it is about judging women’s interests (however defined) to be important and to be insufficiently represented and accommodated within mainstream politics/academia.” Although the definition stated above implies putting men second, Mayes (1986) claims that only by ‘putting women first’ may we redress…show more content…
WOMEN IN MALAYSIA Similar to everywhere else in the world, women struggled to stand tall in Malaysia. However, after almost 59 years of independence, the status of women in Malaysia has definitely improved drastically, although there is still a long way to go to achieve complete equality. An example of a monumental milestone for the women in Malaysia was when a Ministry for Women was assembled in 2001. Based on a study by Omar & Hamzah (2003), research shows that women form half of the total population of Malaysia. Out of about 10,394,000 Malaysian women, 35.5 per cent of them are working in the employment sector, playing a significant role in the development of their families. As a result of pioneer efforts to offer Malaysian women equal access to education, Malaysian women have achieved a literacy rate of 92 per cent in 1997 and have not been discriminated in the employment sector because there is no male-female wage differential, at least in the government sector. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE STORYLINE OF THE…show more content…
Basically, we would approach people around the INTI Subang Jaya campus and interview them

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