Feminism In Modern Society

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Introduction Feminism has a big impact on our modern-day society. Social media and other news outlets make us very aware of the problems women face every day. Movements like "#metoo" and the "Women 's March", which was held on January 21, 20171 for the first time, show the solidarity and the will to change among the female gender. As time progresses, feminism becomes less about the white, middle-aged woman and more about females of any race, religion, sexuality and age, which means that even teenagers engage with feminism and identify with the term "feminist". Especially social media and our day to day lives make us teenagers more aware of the still very present discrimination and harassment of women. The day we become aware of sexism in our everyday lives, becomes the day when wearing tons of makeup, or nothing at all, being who we are, loving unapologetic and doing what we do, becomes a feminist statement. But is it possible to combine ones love for feminism with aspects of ones day to day life? Is one even capable of enjoying the same things one once used to love, through a new, feminist view? Most teenagers dwell in their love for television shows, movies and books and most writers get the hint for the demand of feminism in these popular artforms and incorporate feminist storylines in their work and try to empower woman with it. However, television shows, movies and books are not the only well-loved media forms among teenagers which could incorporate feminism in
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