Feminism In Pop Culture

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Feminism is always a controversial and important issue around the world. Women tend to speak out their voice and fight for their rights, but in the society gender differences appear everyday. People expect girls should be gentle and emotional, weak and powerless. Gender differences exist in every culture. For example in United State people tend to differentiate men and women by their physical characteristic, (Crossman) in ancient China, male have the absolute power in every aspects in the family. As time progresses, feminism rises with pop culture. Many female pop stars write and sing songs to spread feminist message. Feminism change music from only men can sing to female can also sing. Through song lyrics, most of the female singers sing against the ridiculous concepts that mainly focus on the differences between two genders and the patriarchy culture. Salt N Pepa’s ‘None Of Your Business’, Jenny Lewis’ ‘Just One Of The Guys’ and Little Mix’s ‘Salute’ are both singing feminist lyrics. The following paragraph will discuss how three songs explored feminism in different perspective. Three of the songs lyrics show us the thought of majority women. The lyrics talk about people’s critics on women’s behavior and the traditional stereotype of the two genders. In the songs we can clearly…show more content…
Salt N Pepa is an American hip-hop trio formed by Cheryl James, Sandra Denton and DJ Spinderella. They are the first all female rap crew and they have big influences in women hip-hop. (Anwar) The song ‘None Of Your Business’ talks about double standards on women and women should have the equal right with men. (BUSTLE) The lyrics from the song ‘Now you shouldn’t even get into who I’m givin’ skins to/ It’s none of your business/ So don’t try to change my mind, I’ll tell you one more time/ It’s none of your business’ (SALT N PEPA LYRICS) show women do not need to change their personality because of others
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